Activities in the area

Morgan Bay has a small bakery/grocery and hardware store. Affordable meals are available in the relaxed atmosphere of the Morgan Bay Hotel and other local informal restaurants.

The many activities available in the area include :

Fishing, hiking trails, various beach activities, horse riding trails, cycling and mountain biking, windsurfing, surfing, swimming, bird watching (approximately 250 different species), viewing whales and dolphins and seaside rock climbing.

Tourist attractions in the area :

Well-Known Strandloper Trail; Great kei River Cruises ;4X4 trips into the Transkei; Mountain Bike Trails; 9 hole links golf course and country club -- providing squash, tennis and bowls; Shell Museum; River fishing on the Kei River and chartered deep-sea fishing; Jacaranda ship wreck on Wild Coast; African culuture --especially Xhosa traditions; Historical facts about Frontier Wars.

Other Activities :

The seaside resorts of Kei Mouth, Haga Haga and Morgan Bay are situated within a distance of 7 kms. The pontoon across the Great Kei River provides easy access to the Wild Coast and the well-known Strandloper trail transverses Black Rock Farm.  Half day or three to four day's guided horse trails/safaris from nearby Mkulu Kei Horsetrails Farm into wild coastal areas. Casual horseriding is available. Rare artefacts to be collected on Bead Beach from Portuguese ship wreck, including Ming china and beads.